Custom Media Solutions & Field Monitoring Standardization

Every oil and gas system is different and has its own unique chemistry. Whether you are trying to monitor the bacteria in a waterflood, frac operation, production facility, or pipeline, understanding the chemistry and biochemistry of the water is key to being successful, constant, and accurate. The specific system chemistry can have a major impact on the type of culture media that will be best suited to maximize your recovery and provide accurate quantification of the bacteria you are trying to monitor. This goes far beyond simply matching the total dissolved solids (TDS) of the fluids.

Experts in bacterial culturing at Biotechnology Solutions can help you identify the key nutrients and environmental parameters that will influence the growth of bacteria in your system or field.

Let Biotechnology Solutions create a custom growth media for you company by mimicking as closely as possible, your system’s water chemistry and bacterial nutrient sources. This will allow you to standardize your monitoring programs across facilities, fields, pipelines, or even entire formations.

Standardization with optimized formulas not only ensures you have the most accurate results, but it also allows you to have the long term consistency in your monitoring programs across your field, systems or even service providers.